Luke Bryan Just Wants a Cup of Coffee for Father’s Day, But His Wife Prefers to Celebrate with Fireworks

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Luke Bryan is #fathergoals. No lie, Luke’s got it goin’ on in the family department. A beautiful wife, beautiful kids and a great job. But, what exactly does Luke want for Father’s Day? He spoke to that at the CMA Music Festival.

“Maybe a cup of coffee in the morning and I’m happy,” he joked.

But in all seriousness for Luke, time spent with his family is what he is most looking forward to.

“Just as long as I get to be with my family on important days whether it’s birthdays or anniversaries…certainly Father’s Day or Mother’s Day — that’s all I need.”

He did say that if it were up to his wife, however, he’d be showered with balloons and fireworks.

“If it were up to her, every moment would be fireworks and balloons and cakes and all that,” he added.