Luke Bryan Gets Nailed With Phones While Reading A Fan’s Texts

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Luke Bryan has adopted a unique style of fan interaction. During his shows, he has begun to read fan’s texts on mic and interact with any object tossed onstage. What he did not anticipate is how many people would want him to scroll through their texts. During the Virginia Beach stop of his Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday Tour, fans began to throw their phones onstage, some of which hit Bryan.

In the video, you can hear Luke mutter, “Here comes another damn phone,” right before multiple iPhones get thrown onstage.

“How much freakin’ money y’all make around here that you can throw freaking iPhones up onstage,” he asked as he retreated away from the crowd. “They’re weapons, you assholes.”

But that didn’t stop Bryan from grabbing more phones for his bit. One fan called a phone onstage, which Bryan answered. “Quit screaming, I can’t understand you…If you take your top off I can tell who you are right now.”

“Hey! y’all do not Youtube that I said that,” he chuckled.

Too late, bro.