Luke Bryan Lost His Mind While Hunting With Jason Aldean

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Luke Bryan is energetic. He is funny. He can even be excitable. But you have never seen Luke Bryan more energized, more excited, or more hilarious than when he “smokes” a deer on “Buck Commander.” He’s like a kid on Christmas morning. And if that weren’t enough, Jason Aldean added commentary.

This is the goofy Luke Bryan you know, funny but an adult. He’s composed, he knows he is being silly:

But when he shoots a deer, he loses control. He becomes his true self, full of childlike glee and excitement. You can tell exactly what he was like as an eight-year-old just by watching this.

When your parents stop at Baskin Robbins after dinner


When you get a Super Nintendo for your birthday

When your mom threatens to take your BFF home after y’all get a little too excited.

Speaking of Jason, let’s cut to Aldean for the exciting commentary!

Ah, I forgot. Aldean is the ying to Bryan’s yang.

But good news, the whole episode is online.