Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and More Join Hilarious Newlywed Challenge [Watch]


As we remain at home during quarantine, we are all looking for new things to do. Shawn Johnson East and her husband Andrew East came up with just the thing to pass the time.

The East family recently launched a new series on their YouTube channel called The Newlywed Challenge. Each week, a new episode will feature a different group of couples taking the challenge. In addition, there is charitable to the game. Shawn and Andrew will be donating $1000 to the winning teams preferred charity.

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Up first are country music couples, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline, Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany, Kane Brown and his wife Katelynn and Chuck Wicks and his wife Kasi. Now keep in mind, Luke has been married 14 years, Jason 5 year, Kane 1 1/2 years and Chuck Wicks will be married one year in July 2020. So let the games begin.

Luke said it best when he said, “Live from the quarantine from hell.”

In the beginning it was neck and neck between three of the four couples but then it looked like Luke and Jason would run away with the game. However, Kane and Katelyn came back strong, leaving Chuck and Kasi in the rear.

In the end, the winner of the newlywed game, by 1 point, was Jason Aldean and Brittany. But you’ll have to watch the video to see how much fun they had. And you’ll get to learn a lot about your favorite country music couple.

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The $1,000 will be donated to Proverbs 12:10 Rescue, an animal rescue organization that helps find loving homes for dogs and cats.