Luke Bryan Discussing What Lionel Richie’s House is Like is Pretty Hilarious

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Before Luke Bryan joined “American Idol” as a judge, Lionel Richie was just one of his musical heroes. Luke told Jimmy Kimmel, “I grew up and I had an older brother and older sister and I just grew up adoring him. When I got to college, you know, you gotta ride the back roads and listen to Lionel Richie. It kind of facilitates your love life.”

But now, Luke and Lionel are such great friends that when fellow judge Katy Perry invites herself and Luke over to Lionel’s for dinner– he accepts.

And while Luke may have one of the coolest houses in Nashville, he says it’s nothing compared to Lionel’s, “I’m kind of proud of my house, but I’ve never seen anything like this house. Every ceiling in his house is different. You know how we have one thematic ceiling, Lionel, every room– the bathrooms have different ceilings. It’s like a museum.”