Luke Bryan’s Mom Tried to Do the Splits in a Swimsuit and a Family Vacation Has Never Been Funnier


It must run in the family. We know their sense of humor does. Luke Bryan and his mom, LeClaire, had a few mishaps on the beach while enjoying a little downtime on a family vacation. Lucky for us, Luke’s wife, Caroline, caught it all on camera.

While on the beach, Caroline catches LeClaire trying to do a split in the sand. Luke’s mom certainly is a hoot. If you recall, she recently got run off by some Geese ,while trying to feed them and Caroline caught that all on video too. We’re starting to see a pattern.

This time, LeClaire manages fall face forward into the sand while getting into the split position, as her grandchildren and daughter-in-law egg her on. The words “Mamaw, do a split!!!” are written on the Instagram story.

While mom Bryan tries to get down low, and we give her major points for even attempting a split, it doesn’t end up going so well. 

“This is even better with Luke in the background,” Caroline says as she films her mother-in-laws split attempt. If you look closely you can see a tiny Luke trying his hand at surfing amongst the waves.

But wait, in the next video, Caroline catches Luke crashing and burning as he attempts to catch a wave and ride it back in.

“I want Luke to bust his ass again. I’m just keeping the camera on and I’m waiting for it,” she says. And he does. As soon as Luke gets up on the board a wave comes and knocks him right off. The superstar then turns to the camera and throws his arms up.

We’ll give him an A for effort. There’s always the next wave. And hopefully, a next video from Caroline soon.