Luke Bryan Says His “Art” is the Party, But It Could Be More

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Luke Bryan is one of the biggest names in country music and, as a singer-songwriter, one of the most successful artists in America. Bryan’s music isn’t typically described as “artistic,” or even thoughtful, but it is how he thinks of himself. Bryan recently sat down with the “Today Show” to reflect on his career his music.

When asked about the quality of his songs, Bryan responded, “Do I get judged on, maybe not as being artistic as the next artist? Maybe. But at the end of the day, I feel like my art is the ability to get people together and get them to have a good time to the point to where they may not even had meant to have had a good time.”

And that is Luke Bryan in a nutshell: the words aren’t pretty, the phrases are barely structured, but that isn’t the point. Bryan isn’t trying to write the best song you’ve ever heard, he just wants you to party.

“I want people to have a blast.”

But is his music art? That seems generous. He doesn’t even seem sure about that. In his own words, he is glorified party promoter, an expert in bringing people together to have a good time. He is an entertainer, one of the best in the world, but that’s not an art. A musician’s art is their music, which seems obvious. For Bryan, the music is the thing that gets the party going.

He doesn’t care about singing absurd lines like, “shake it for the catfish down deep in the creek” as long as that pretty girl shakes it at the concert. He doesn’t care that his music is more true for a college sophomore than a 40-year-old man with two kids because it gets the college campuses going. It’s been a long time since Bryan was in a frat house, but his music still seems to live there.

I hope that Bryan’s most recent hit, “Fast” is a sign of things to come. He has more to say than “drink a beer” if he’s ok with the party being about the music.