Luke Bryan Pulls Off Hilarious Prank on Wife Caroline with Fake Blood

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Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are relationship goals for most people. The couple likes to share special moments of their life and family on social media and from the outside looking in, they are having some fun times.

So when Luke decided to play a prank on his wife, Caroline, with a little blood, they took us a long for the ride. Caroline took to Instagram to share the video that had her worried for a minute.

“Terd face got me…almost. Luke fakes a bad cut. #12daysofpranksmas#heinzketchup,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Luke was in the kitchen standing over the sink, when he screamed out in pain. As the camera pans, you can see Caroline’s reaction to the scream. “Oh my God,” she yelled. He got her. Luke couldn’t keep it going for too long. As soon as Caroline screamed, Luke started laughing.

Turns out, Luke used a little ketchup for fake blood, pretending to have cut himself badly in the kitchen. But the “What Makes You Country” singer got his payback. Caroline gave him a good spanking for it.

You know the old saying, “the family that plays together, stays together.” We hope for a long time so we can keep getting these hilarious videos from the Bryan family.