Luke Bryan Lights Up The Night For St. Jude Hospital

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Luke Bryan has said his art is getting parties started. But there is more to the man than tight jeans and onstage silliness. Bryan recently partnered with the Grand Ole Opry to raise money for childhood cancer research at St. Jude Hospital.

“I read stuff on my socials and [people] say the way we go about life inspires them through tragedy, ” He said in an interview before the charity concert. “It keeps you going. I’m not saying there’s not tough days, but you find some light in all the struggle knowing that the little things you are doing might be inspiring people–through you actions, the song you put out, and the way you carry yourself every day.”

Bryan, who has two sons of his own and is raising his nephew, said it was his role as a father that motivated him to go all in with St. Jude

“St. Jude has such a huge presence on country radio,” he said. “It takes on a whole new form when you have kids. You find yourself crying along with the radio and the stories”

A few children from the hospital came to the Opry to share their stories. Before the show, Bryan spent time with them and their families.