Luke Bryan Trying To Do The Floss Dance is Every Adult [Watch]

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Luke Bryan The Floss CMA Awards Dance
CR: 2018 Country Music Association, Inc.

As the 52nd Annual CMA Awards got underway Wednesday night, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley took the stage for their 11th consecutive year of hosting duties. After 11 years, we’ve come to look forward to a few things from the duo, including their opening monologue.

The duo did not disappoint, hitting the right notes with their singing monologue and revealing the gender of Carrie’s baby…again. If you recall, Brad revealed the sex of Carrie’s first child while hosting the CMA Awards. But this year they brought friend Luke Bryan into the mix.

As Carrie began to announce their first presenter, Brad decided to take out some floss for his teeth.

“What’s happening right now? What are you doing Brad,” Carrie asked.

“I’m Flossing, all the cool kids are doing it,” Brad responded.

Oh yeah, that’s not the flossing they’re doing. Flossing is the dance,” Carrie explained.

After more confusion from Brad, Carrie invited Luke to show everyone how you do the Floss. And without hesitation, Luke obliged.

While we’re not quite sure that Luke’s way is what the kids are doing, he did give it the old college try. Just goes to show that The Floss should be left up to the kids.

In case you’re wondering. This is what The Floss dance should look like.