This Girl Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out and Is Mad Her ‘Husband’ Luke Bryan Didn’t Call Her

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You ever have a dream so real that you wake up and you aren’t totally sure if what you dreamed was a dream or something that actually happened? All the time, right? Imagine having that dream while on pain medicine after getting your wisdom teeth removed– you’ll convince yourself that you’re married to Luke Bryan like this girl.

On the drive home from the surgery this teenager exclaimed, “I love Luke! He didn’t call me today.” as she starts to cry uncontrollably. In the background you can hear her mom saying, “I’m sure he loves you too, but he’s got a wife.”

Later, she says she’s going to yell at him for not calling her today and that he calls her every day. When her mom says, “he calls you every day? What about his wife,” the Luke lover exclaims, “I’m his wife!”

At one point, the girl also convinces herself that while her wisdom teeth were removed, her chin was also removed. Either way, Caroline Bryan should watch out for this girl.