Luke Bryan Went on Stage With His Fly Down and Everyone Noticed


Since Luke Bryan launched his Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour a lot has happened– Luke has welcomed Carrie Underwood to the stage, he’s fallen, he’s stolen a fan’s phone and read the text messages to the entire audience, someone threw a phone at him, a bra hit him in the face and now he’s suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

While singing his hit, “All My Friends Say” during a recent show, Luke took to his normal hip shaking when he noticed something was a bit off. At the same time a guy in the audience was alerting Luke to his zipper issue. From there, Luke turned around to shake his hips some more and fix his zipper.

Luke awarded his wardrobe helper with a beer from his onstage cooler.

Just another night at a Luke Bryan show.