Luke Combs Lays On the Charm With Acoustic Version of “I Got Away With You”

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Luke Combs is well known for his clever lyrics and this is evident throughout “I Got Away with You,” featured on his debut album “This One’s For You.” The song recently received a video treatment where Luke sings the track alone on his acoustic guitar in what appears to be an art gallery. It’s a fitting location, as “I Got Away with You” has Luke talking about getting away with stealing the famed Mona Lisa painting.

The nearly four-minute clip has Luke singing of all the things he’s gotten caught doing and eventually took the blame for in his youth: buying beer for underage girls and stealing cigarettes. While he’s always been found out in the past, for some reason his lady hasn’t quite figured him out yet.

“I got caught in Panama City trying to buy some beer for some Georgia girls / And I got wore out by my daddy for stealing cigarettes from the Smokes and More / When all my friends would get away, seems I’d get caught plane as day / I took the blame for every little thing,” he sings on the song’s opening verse.

Later, he ponders how he actually got away with loving his girl. It’s a nice sentiment that’s made even sweeter with the vivid description.

“But I got away with you / And somehow I still ain’t been found out / It’s a crazy truth like I strolled out the gates of Alcatraz / And I walked in the Louvre now the Mona Lisa’s hanging in my house / I bust out of Buckingham with the crown jewels, and I got away with you,” he sings on the chorus.

Luke penned the song with Ray Fulcher and Tyler Reeve. It is featured on both his debut album and the deluxe edition of the project, “This One’s for You Too.”