Luke Combs’ Loving Message To Girlfriend After CMA Win is Relationship Goals

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Luke Combs had a big night Wednesday when he took home New Artist of the Year at the 52nd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville. But the country singer wasn’t expecting to take home the trophy, leaving him without a speech prepared. That didn’t stop the singer from saying what he wanted to say.

Luke later took to Instagram to further share his feelings from the heart.

“Last night, I wasn’t expecting to come home with any hardware. Everybody had been asking me all week, “Have you written an acceptance speech?” And my answer was, “No.” I never want to believe I’m going to win anything,” Luke wrote on Instagram. “I really wanted to be able to go up there and speak from the heart. It may have been goofy, but I’ll tell you what – it’s what I felt in that moment and that moment will stick with me forever. This dream always seemed a little bit crazy to everybody but nobody ever told me that, and for that, I’m really thankful. #CMAawards.”

The “She Got the Best of Me Singer,” wasn’t done when he left the stage. Luke shared a second post to thank a special lady in his life, his girlfriend Nicole Hocking.

“I won a CMA award last night but I showed up a winner because of this amazing woman,” Luke gushed. “Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and eating cookout with me at 1:30am after the awards. I love you so much @nicohocking, you’re incredible inside and out.”

If you find the person who will eat cookout with you at 1:30am, keep them! Congratulations Luke.