Luke Combs Shares New Unreleased Song, “Used to Wish I Was,” With Fans on Socials

Luke Combs shares unreleased song Used to wish I was
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Sheltering at home may mean that none of us are going to packed arenas, stadiums, theaters and clubs for live music, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying a truckload of livestreams. And that doesn’t mean that artists aren’t hard at work creating new music. Luke Combs has obviously been putting pen to paper and now we’re enjoying the results with “Used to Wish I Was.”

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Obviously, the song is too new for Luke to get into a recording studio to track, however, the simplicity of the singer with just his guitar and the nostalgic message in the lyrics creates a magical moment that fans don’t often get to see – a song performed in its most original and authentic form.

“Used to Wish I Was” is a thoughtful expression of Luke’s gratitude for childhood dreams and fantasies that have gone unrealized. As he recalls notions of becoming the next Dale Earnhardt Sr., Bill Dance and Chipper Jones in the verses, there’s a hint of melancholy.

When I was 16 I had a running back dream, but I never did run too far / Thought I was gonna be number-three one day until I wrecked my old man’s car / I almost finished college, but I ain’t cut from that cloth. / I used to wish I was, but I’m glad I’m not.

However, when Luke soars into the chorus, his convictions and satisfaction are resolute as he declares, “These days I don’t wanna be anybody but me.”

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There’s no word on plans for including “Used to Wish I Was” on an upcoming album or EP, but songs like this certainly whet our appetites for more from this gifted artist.