Luke Combs Visits Good Morning America From a Safe Social Distance [Watch]


One of the things that country artists are struggling the most with, during this time of pandemic, is not being able to perform new music for a live audience. But entertainers like Luke Combs are doing their best to get it out to fans, and for Luke that meant an appearance on Good Morning America to sing his new song, “Six Feet Apart.”

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The show’s host, Michael Strahan, introduced Luke prompting him to explain how “Six Feet Apart” came about. Luke told him, “I’ve been sitting around the house for a few months, as I’m sure everyone else has. And me and my buddies had scheduled a date to write and weren’t able to, obviously, meet up in person, so we kinda texted the night before. We wanted to write a song kinda just saying the way we were feeling, but we didn’t want to come off as corny or cheesy or taking advantage of a bad situation.” He added, “I’m hoping we struck the perfect balance.”

The lyrics of “Six Feet Apart,” which Luke co-wrote with Brent Cobb and Rob Snyder, sing like a page ripped out of Luke’s own journal. While the first verse and chorus are a heartbreaking lament of all the thing’s he’s missing due to the shelter-in-place mandates most of the country is under, the chorus ends on a hopeful note and the second verse is a declaration of all the things he’ll do when the quarantine order is lifted.

First thing that I’m gonna do / Is slide on in some corner booth / And take the whole damn family out / And buy my buddies all a round, / Pay some extra on the tab, / Catch a movie, catch a cab / Watch a ballgame from the stands, / Probably over-wash my hands,” he sings.

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Could this be the equivalent of Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” for the coronavirus pandemic?