Maddie & Tae Learned an Important Lesson From Dierks Bentley

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When a young act hits the road with a seasoned pro, they’re their for more than just the bigger audience promised by the elder artist. They’re their to learn.

Maddie & Tae took advantage of their time on tour with Dierks Bentley last year.

“I think the biggest lesson that we learned with Dierks is you can’t just look over an audience,” says Maddie Marlow. “Whenever you actually engage with a person on stage, look at them in the eye and look for that connection, that’s where great things happen and you get to touch people with your music and everything.”

While that may seem obvious, Maddie admits that sometimes it does get forgotten.

“And sometimes artists kinda forget that, and I honestly forget it too,” she explains. If I’m so concentrated on ‘okay, I need to do this and play this guitar chord’ then I forget about the important part. And the important part is making sure the audience is really being impacted by your show and your music.”