Maddie & Tae Cite Dixie Chicks as Inspiration (And Their Cover of “Cowboy Take Me Away” is Amazing)

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If you want to thank Maddie & Tae for sticking to their guns and writing traditional country music in a world of electronic beats and cliche lyrics, you might want to thank the Dixie Chicks too. The witty singer-songwriters come by their talents naturally, but don’t shy away from talking about their influencers.

“When we saw these women writing witty, intelligent music; playing instruments; and basically doing it all, it inspired us to do the same,” Maddie told the New York Times when asked about empowering women in country music.

Maddie’s partner in music, Tae, added, “”The Dixie Chicks encouraged us all to unapologetically be who we are.”

Keep on keepin’ on, ladies.