Maddie and Tae’s Maddie Marlow Has a Message for Mask Haters

Maddie Marlow of Maddie and Tae takes on Mask hater
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

Without question and adding to the divisiveness that is already impaling our country right now is the hot button topic of wearing or not wearing a mask. While most people are live-and-let-live about the issue, others are vehemently opposed to them for a variety of reasons.  Apparently, that’s who accosted Maddie and Tae’s Maddie Marlow and her husband, Jonah Font.

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Maddie shared the outrageous episode on her Instagram story explaining that she and Jonah were standing in line in a public place when a group of six teenage girls approached them. One of the young women then tried to school the couple on the ineffectiveness of wearing masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus saying, “we’re all going to die anyway.”

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When has that ever been an effective argument?


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Maddie and Jonah handled the situation like the thoughtful, upright and well-mannered adults that they are but it obviously incensed the country artist who, after sharing the incident, had a strong message for the young people.

She started, “I just wanted to say, I love to keep my account really positive and happy because that’s my vibe, but sometimes there’s necessary things that need to be shared. And so, I just ask that in this really hard time for all of us, just be kind and think about your words and how powerful they can be and whether you’re ruining someone’s day or making someone’s day. Just a little food for thought.”

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Maddie then added, “Also just don’t be an a**hole. It’s literally that simple. Don’t be an a**hole. That’s it! Be nice. Smile, tell someone they look nice. Be nice!”

Seriously, y’all. Be nice. And #DBAA

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