Maddie & Tae Get Real About New Music in 2018, Dippin’ Dots and Fancy Dance Moves

Maddie & Tae perform Ascend Amphitheater
Photo by Kayla Schoen/CMA

During CMA Fest, which is taking place June 7-10, there are many, many country concerts to see throughout the week. It is virtually a country music lovers dream. With hundreds of artists performing on 11 different stage, you’re sure to catch some good ole country music.

But one of our favorite events is the Cracker Barrel Country Roads Stage at Ascend Amphitheater, where you’ll find free nightly concerts.

On Friday night, One Country‘s Kelly Sutton caught up with popular duo Maddie & Tae, who were on the evening’s bill with Clare Dunn, Drake White, Tyler Farr and Lee Brice.

Maddie & Tae got to talking about all things CMA Fest, as well as Dippin’ Dots, wine and sneezes.  And you won’t want to miss Maddie’s sly dance moves to check for body odor. 

Maddie & Tae on their first CMA Fest

“I think it was three years ago,” said Maddie.

“The fact that Maddie and I can’t remember the exact year is because it’s a whirlwind and we love it. It’s our favorite week,” said Tae. “We played LP Field (now Nissan Stadium) our first CMA fest. We played “Girl in a Country Song.” I remember the outfits we wore, I had this yellow/blue maxi dress, so I remember that.

“I remember it was so overwhelming playing for seventy thousand people and I didn’t even know where to look and i was trying not to vomit and remember the words,” added Maddie. “But it was amazing.”

Maddie & Tae on CMA Fest 2018

“It’s been pretty mild compared to pasts CMA Fests, Maddie said. “After a couple of years you just get it down, it doesn’t feel as overwhelming but it’s been fun we’ve had a lot of one on one time with our fans and really intimate settings so that’s really, really nice. 

Maddie & Tae on plans for 2018

“We are hoping to release our sophomore record,” said Tae.”It’s been finished since February so it’s basically our baby’s just sitting there waiting to be out in the world. We’re trying to let ‘Friends Don’t,’ our single, have it’s moment and just figure out perfect timing for the sophomore record cause we worked so hard on it, we want the release and everything to be perfect. So definitely releasing record and then just playing shows, fairs and festivals.”

Maddie & Tae on CMA Fest Must-Haves

I’m going to say air conditioned places,” Maddie reveals. “So where am I guaranteed air conditioning because that’s what I’m going to look forward to everyday.”

“I’m going to echo that and say bring your makeup bag because if you don’t get to your a.c. in time, then it’s going to sweat all off,” adds Tae.”So you got to retouch.”