Maddie and Tae Release Emotional New Music Video For “Die From a Broken Heart” [Watch]


With their ethereal harmonies and an innately sweet lilt in their voices, if you aren’t paying close attention to Maddie & Tae’s newest single, “Die From a Broken Heart,” you may miss the incredible heartbreak that the young women are singing about. But with the release of the companion music video, the devastating emotion becomes all too clear.

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The charming duo had previously revealed that the song was based on the actual end of a relationship that Tae was in. “We wrote ‘Die from a Broken Heart’ two weeks after an actual break up that I had gone through,” she says. “It’s hard for me to really dig into my emotions in the midst of my emotions. I’m more of like an after the point, and then I can kind of revisit it and work through everything. But I turned off my emotions for the most part during that writing session just to look at it from a logical and practical standpoint, just so that I wasn’t a mess during writing it. But that was probably the hardest one just because I felt everything that the song says.”

Her sympathetic singing and songwriting partner Maddie added, “I knew she did not want to write a breakup song that day, but I was like ‘there’s something so special here.”

It appears that Tae may have tapped into her grief for the music video. As Maddie beautifully “narrates” the story, Tae goes through the motions and emotions of a relationship dwindling to a bitter end. And when her tears fall, it’s difficult not to feel the ache of the song.

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But, as friends will do, at the end Maddie steps away from the narrator role and into her place as Tae’s friend, giving solace and hope.

“Die From a Broken Heart” is the second release from Maddie & Tae’s highly-anticipated EP, One Heart to Another, which was released earlier this year.