Maddie and Tae’s “Shut Up and Fish” is All True (Mostly)

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Art imitates life in Maddie & Tae’s current single “Shut Up and Fish.” The tune tells of a date gone wrong with a guy who isn’t equipped for the outdoor life. And according to the girls, it’s based on a true story.

“Maddie and I love being outdoors,” Tae says. “She grew up hunting, we both grew up fishing, so it’s just engrained in us to love to be outdoors and do stuff like that, so whenever we wrote a song about fishing, that actually came from a true story, everything that happened in the song, except for pushing him in the water, actually happened. So it’s fun that we get to make …”

“Dramatize it a little bit,” Maddie adds.

“Yeah, fantasize a little bit,” Tae concludes. “But it’s fun that we get to make music that’s completely us and our fans resonate with that.”