Maisy Stella of “Nashville” Makes Solo Debut on the Grand Old Opry Stage


She’s used to having her sister Lennon Stella by her side, but 14-year-old Maisy Stella is going it alone as she makes her Opry debut. The young singer held her own on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with a powerful performance of “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

If you’re a fan of the show “Nashville,” you may remember that Maisy’s character, Daphne Conrad, sang “Have a Little Faith in Me” with lead character, Will Chase in season 3.

“When the road gets dark / And you can no longer see / Just let my love throw a spark / And have a little faith in me And when the tears you cry / Are all you can believe / Just give these loving arms a try / And have a little faith in me,” the song kicks off.

Maisy Stella grew up in a family of musicians—her parents are the Canadian country music duo, The Stellas. But the 14-year-old is used to having her sister Lennon next to her as they formed the duo Lennon & Maisy. The girls catapulted to fame after their Youtube videos went viral and found further stardom as Daphne and Maddie Conrad in CMT’s drama “Nashville.”

No word on whether Lennon & Maisy will not longer be a duo, but Lennon recently signed a solo deal with Records label, home to Noah Cyrus and Nelly and it looks like Maisy is making her own solo moves. By the sound of it, Maisy is on the path to her own great career.