Man Accused of Killing Tucker Beathard’s Brother, Clayton Beathard, Indicted by Grand Jury

Man accused of killing Tucker Beathard Brother Clayton indicted by grand jury
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Six months after stabbing Tucker Beathard’s brother, Clayton Beathard, to death, a grand jury has indicted the man accused of the heinous crime.

According to news, Michael Mosley is being charged with two counts of first degree murder/premeditated, one count of attempted first degree murder/premeditated, and one count of assault.

Clayton Beathard (22)—brother of country singer Tucker Beathard and San Fransisco 49ers quarterback CJ Beathard and son of Grammy winning country songwriter Casey Beathard—and Paul Trapeni III were stabbed to death outside a midtown bar in Nashville, TN. The stabbing took place outside of The Dogwood bar around 3 a.m. on Saturday, Dec.21, 2019 .

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According to at the time, Police revealed that incident began over “an unwanted advancement made by a man toward a woman in the bar.” The young men stepped in to help the young woman and were then stabbed outside the bar.

Mosley is no stranger to the law as he has a criminal past. WKRN reported that Mosley was  involved in a violent brawl  at the Cheatham County jail in March 2019, he was charged with aggravated assault in May 2015 following a dispute in Bellevue, he stabbed a man in the stomach when he was 18, before his friend shot the man in the arm, as well as a number of charges that include robbery, burglary and vandalism.

After losing his brother, Tucker shared a song he wrote for Clayton at his High School graduation, titled “Brother.”

“I wrote this song right after my little brother Clay graduated high school, and It was heavy on my heart to write a song about the relationship dynamic that me and my brothers are blessed to share,” he wrote. “This song has taken on a lot deeper meaning for me now that Clay is in Heaven. But I know he’s still watching over me and still gonna be helping me take on the world from above. #psalm27 :1″

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Brother, let me hold your trouble when it gets too heavy, / Let me fly when you’re high, let me sink like a stone when you’re low. / Brother let me say a little prayer for you, / Take a sucker punch for you, I’d do anything for you. / Yeah, you ain’t alone. / Let me take on the world with you.

After being on the run for days after the murder, Michael Mosley was eventually found on Christmas Day and apprehended in a deserted house in Cheatham County.