Maren Morris Channels “Dirty Dancing” During Bachelorette Party


Maren Morris is getting married next month and she’s living it up with her close friends at a recent bachelorette party before her big day.

The Texas native took to Instagram to share a photo from the night, that included friends Cassadee Pope, Kree Harrison, Raelynn and her dog, who will be a the wedding. “Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve these people, but I’m thankful. #GettinMurd 💍💍,” she wrote in the caption—coining the hashtag #GettinMurd, in reference to her nuptials to singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd. Get it?

What looked like an enjoyable party at home turned into an epic dance party as the night went on. Maren and friends tried to reenact that famous scene from the 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing,” as the theme song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” filled the room. Remember the final scene when Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle) sweeps Jennifer Grey (Frances “Baby” Houseman) off her feet at the end of the movie and they do the famous lift?

Well, Maren decided to attempt that very lift. The results were less successful than that in the movie, but it was a valiant attempt.

“Just fulfilling every bachelorette stereotype over here. 🤘🏼#DirtyDancing,” Maren captioned the video.

Check that off the bucket list.