Maren Morris Claps Back on Anti-Feminist Tweeter

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Maren Morris claps back at fan on Twitter
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

While many country music fans have been celebrating the artists who have been releasing songs supporting women and the strong roles they play in society, one country fan has taken issue with Maren Morris and her hit single, “Girl.”

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In a post on Twitter, a young woman who goes by “Bailey Anne” tweeted directly to Maren saying, “Dear @MarenMorris Why don’t you take your liberal, feminist crap and leave country music! Your newest video for “Girl” is disgusting and as a woman I actually find it totally demeaning and out of line. How dare you act like you represent women who listen to country music …”

Of course, Maren’s supporters came out in force, many pointing out the obvious fact that they were women and were happy to have Maren representing them.

“Ok I’m actually really curious what you find so demeaning about this video and song? And FYI this song has helped me with depression episodes so don’t speak for everyone,” tweeted @Graveyardkb.

And Maren wasn’t afraid to chime in to tell Bailey Anne, “Hate to break it to you, Bailey, but she’s here for the long haul to make more ‘disgusting’ music videos about self-acceptance and mental care. Gross!”

With over 50 comments, it became obvious that Bailey Anne was pleased with her success and tweeted, “To all the people that have lost their minds over my @MarenMorris tweet all y’alls double standard is mind blowing calling me horrible names saying Im a bully and it just goes on and on. all while you are also saying how people need to lift others up and not be mean or negative.”

She also mentioned that she wasn’t afraid to say the same thing to Maren if the country artist would like to call her.

“And to be clear yes I would have no problem telling this to @MarenMorris in person…. I would say everything I tweet I really don’t have a problem with it that’s why i tweet it lol So let me know Maren if you would like to talk about this further face to face,” Bailey Anne added.

No word on if that call is happening.

While Bailey Anne isn’t specific about what she finds demeaning or out of line, she did seem to be pleased with the results of the comment, later tweeting: “I’m Twitter famous y’all. all thanks to @Marenmorris.”

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Both women seem to have since moved on from the issue, and Maren’s fans are now focused on the country star’s next single, “The Bones.”