Maren Morris and Jennifer Nettles Want To Join Male Artists Opening Bars in Nashville

Maren Morris Jennifer Nettles on red carpet
Photos by Tammie Arroyo/

Recently there has been an influx of country artists opening bars in downtown Nashville. It hasn’t been lost on many of us that it’s all men, opening these bars. Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, John Rich and Alan Jackson have all taken over downtown with their names in neon. Maren Morris has certainly taken notice and is promising to open her own bar when she becomes “rich.”

Maren took to Twitter to make the announcement and we can’t wait until it happens. We love the idea already. 

“There are so many dude artists opening bars downtown,” she wrote. “When I’m rich, I’m seriously opening one called My Church. All we’ll serve is wine, @ryanhurd is gonna grow his hair back out and be the bartender, and it’ll be on Church street. You’re welcome.”

Soon after, Jennifer Nettles got into the act and it looks like we’ll be seeing some more female bar owners in Nashville. 

“Well, I too am opening one,” Jennifer replied to Maren’s Tweet. Next door to yours. Naming it “Raise the Bar HIGH,” from our Sugarland song “Settling”. It will be a pot bar. (Get it? HIgh?) And we will making a killing off food/munchies.”

Well you can count us in ladies. If you need a partner, call me!