Maren Morris Is Sick of the Excuses For Not Playing Women on Radio— “‘Women Don’t Want to Hear Other Women,’ It is BS”


Maren Morris and many other people in the country music industry, myself included, are tired of hearing excuses as to why radio programmers, or whoever is in charge, are not playing female artists. 

The “Rich” singer took to social media to share her thoughts, while other female artists spoke out as well. 

“Enough “women don’t want to hear other women,” or “women don’t test well with ballads,” or “singles from new women artists aren’t reacting.” It is BS. Look at , look at , look at . Women that kick ass, write & play, & deserve power rotation.”

She went on to say, “I hate even saying I’m “lucky” I got airplay on my first single. Yes, there were some amazing PDs and FANS that helped me, but I’m also proud as hell of writing those songs, and know anyone who puts their art on the line to be great deserves the same shot men get.”

The fact is, women DO want to listen to women, because you know why? They can relate to them.

And as Maren said, this is “not an attack on men.” Women really love their male artists too but there’s room enough for both. If you need some research, check out all the comments on Maren’s post and see how many women want to listen to women.

Even fellow female artists are speaking out on Maren’s post. Martina McBride wrote, “Amen. The comments in this thread say it all.”

And Kudos to Bobby Bones  for taking a stance and taking the steps to launch a nationally syndicated radio show that plays ONLY females. It’s a great start!

“I’ve been saying I was going to do this if the environment didn’t change,” Bobby wrote in his post. “Well , it didn’t. Will be launching this show across 100+ @iheartradio stations and outer outlets soon. 👊🏻👊🏻”

I for one, will be listening!