Maren Morris Shares Early Listen of New Album With Lucky Texas Fans [Watch]

Maren Morris New album preview
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Maren Morris is officially done with her sophomore album and now she’s sharing it with select fans. The “Rich” singer recently traveled to her home state of Texas where she gave fans an early listen to the project, due out next year.

“As I leave Texas, I love getting to visually reminisce on the MM2 listening event in Dallas the other evening,” she captions a video on Instagram. “It was so fun and laidback. Thank you to my home state for believing in me since I was 10.”

The short clip shows several fans walking up the stairs to Maren’s listening party. They wrote notes for her on a chalkboard displayed in the room before the singer joined to listen to several tracks with them and share the stories behind the songs. Previously, Maren traveled to London to hold a similar event for 25 of her die-hard fans.

The singer first revealed the project was done in November on her socials.

“Me and my manager @janetochan hearing MM2 officially done and crying,” she captions a photo on Instagram. “This album is my proudest work. All the ugly, all the things that shouldn’t be said and SHOULD be said. We’ve been through it all. Y’all ain’t ready.”

Billboard reports that the album’s lead single will be released shortly after the new year. Maren’s latest single, “Rich,” reached No. 2 on the country charts.