Maren Morris Slams Twitter Troll In Epic Fashion

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On the rare occasion that I tweet at a celebrity, I’m pretty nice. Or I ask a question. I don’t make a habit out of talking shit to famous people on the Internet in my (personal) spare time, because if a certain tweet lands at just the right time, that celebrity is going to see it and respond and well– this happens:

Lil’ ol’ Kelsey, who likes the Nebraska Corn Huskers and Pittsburgh Steelers, fired off the tweet, “Maren Morris, you’re a disgrace to country music.” Maren saw it and didn’t let it sit. Instead, she told Kelsey she would think of how terrible she is for country music every single time she looks at her CMA Award for Best New Artist of the Year, which I imagine is a lot.

Kelsey has only replied to a few tweets since Maren replied, but this is by far my favorite:

Can I get an amen?