Maren Morris Releases Powerful Music Video for Female Anthem “Girl”


It’s more than just a hot button topic in country music, it’s a worldwide issue that Maren Morris is tackling full force in the video for her newest single, “Girl.”

The video begins and ends with quotes from Maren that will echo for years to come. She starts by apparently speaking on behalf of struggling women by saying, “We don’t want more than anyone else, we want the same as everyone else.”

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As the music starts, we see women of different ages and stages of life in a variety of vignettes, experiencing the pain, frustration, angst, condemnation, and even self-loathing that women often experience as they attempt to be heard and respected, or to just survive.

One clip reflects an actual recent event where a customer attacked a young, female server at a fast food restaurant. Another is Maren herself being vocally “coached up” with words like “power” and “support” that bear an important double-meaning.

In a beautifully artistic statement, we don’t see the full faces of the women featured in these scenarios, including Maren’s, until it seems that some sort of resolution is found, whether it’s in the form of revenge, self-satisfaction, or the support of their squad and others like them.

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The video wraps with Maren saying that the hardest question she has to answer in interviews is “why it’s hard to be a girl.”

“Girl” is the debut single from Maren’s upcoming second full-length album on Columbia Records. Just released on January 19, the song has already become an anthem for young women in the music industry and is also the namesake of her “GIRL: The World Tour” with RaeLynn and Cassadee Pope, which kicks off in March.