Maren Morris Kind of Shared When Her Wedding is Happening


Maren Morris isn’t being super tight-lipped about her wedding these days and we couldn’t be more excited for her and fiance Ryan Hurd.

During an interview with Ty, Kelly and Chuck, Maren shared that she’s getting married in late March and her wedding dress is going to be a lot like her mom’s.

“My mom had a really cool dress in the ’80s… it was a short wedding dress. Her friend from hair school made it. I loved that she did that, because she couldn’t really afford much and I just thought she looked so cool,” she said.

And we also know she won’t have bridesmaids, but her dog might be there.

“My dog can be a bridesmaid, she sucks though,” she joked. “Honestly, didn’t want to the whole thing, we just wanted to do it small and have our siblings up there with us.”