Before Getting a Songwriting Deal Maren Morris Was Eating 89-Cent Shepherd’s Pies on the Regular

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Maren Morris has been in Nashville for 5 years and though she’s had a pretty big 2 years or so, she remembers what it was like to be a struggling songwriter.

Before moving to town, Maren saved $8,000 by working as a receptionist, but by the time she had been in Nashville for a while, money got tight, “I remember the day I got my publishing deal, I had like, $200 left in my checking account… by the time I got the deal…I was so frugal. I would buy like, 89-cent shepherd’s pies and live off like, eight of those for a week.”

Sounds…tasty. Also, shepherd’s pie is pretty hearty. Hard to imagine eating more than one of those in like, a year, much less multiple ones a week.