[Watch] Margo Price’s Powerful Unaired Performance on “Austin City Limits”


Margo Price isn’t flashy. She doesn’t do pop-country. The Illinois native is classic Opry, drawing consistent praise and critical comparisons to Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. Her debut solo album, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, is light on it’s feet. It’s toe-tapping and two-stepping at an ole-timey hoedown.

When Price played “Austin City Limits” earlier this year, fans noticed something was missing. She didn’t play “Tennessee Song,” her most popular single. It turns out she did, but those tricksters down at ACL decided not to air it.

Lucky for us, they put it online. It is fantastic.

Price has some pipes! It’s great to see her cut loose and makes the album version feel much more reserved. It’s a shame this song got cut, but things like that don’t really matter now. Thanks, Internet!

Bonus: Margo talking about her inspirations, musical roots, and the story behind her songs.