Margo Price Plays With Fire In The Music Video For “Weakness”


Margo Price may seem like a tame blast from country’s glitzy past, but she isn’t afraid to raise a little bit of hell with her music. The new video for her song “Weakness” is a wild ride through a liquor store hold-up, complete with arson and police chases, all scored to a boot-stompin’ tune remniscent of honky-tonks and dive bars.

Price relishes the dichotomy. The lyrics to “Weakness” are full of opposites that somehow live together in her. “Sometimes I’m Virginia Woolf/ Sometimes I’m James Dean/ Sometimes I’m my own best friend and my own worst enemy…Sometimes my weakness is stronger than me.”

She sings sweetly as she pulls up to the liquor store, dumping out gas as the members of her band, the Pricetags, look both bewildered and entertained. She seems to enjoy the trouble.