Martina McBride Sounds Off on Lack of Females on Country Music Streaming App

Martina McBride talks about country music radio
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As the dialogue regarding the shortage of female artists on country radio rages on, Martina McBride discovered that terrestrial radio isn’t the only offender in the broadcast world.

It appears that the incredibly talented Martina was listening to some classic Sara Evans through streaming service Spotify and decided to create a playlist. As Spotify users know, the service offers recommendations for the listener based on the music they have been listening to. However, this algorithm fell short.

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Martina shares the results of her attempt to create a balanced playlist through her Instagram stories and in it, we see that all of the suggested artists were men. She hit refresh and the same thing happened. She hit refresh again and, guess what? More men. She repeats the process before sharing that it took refreshing her screen 14 times for Carrie Underwood to be recommended.

Martina mcbride country music spotify recs Martina mcbride spotify country music


The singer then points out that this epic fail occurred in a week that five outstanding female country acts released new music—Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker, The Highwomen, Miranda Lambert and Kelsea Ballerini. “Meanwhile,” she writes, “Apple Music has 13 females in the top 65. So, that’s a little better isn’t it?”


Martina mcbride country music spotify reccomendations Trisha Martina mcbride country music spotify reccomendations Miranda


Martina voices her frustration and disappointment in one last screen. She writes, “I mean. Is it lazy? Is it discriminatory? Is it tone deaf? Is it out of touch? Spotify what. is. it??? Please help me understand.”

Martina mcbride country music spotify reccomendations

She goes on to say, “I’m frustrated for my sisters. For all the great female artists who are making fabulous music. For all the female writers. And MOST OF ALL for every little girl out there who doesn’t hear this music and doesn’t know that SHE CAN GROW UP AND DO IT!!!”

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It isn’t unusual for Martina to take a stand for her country music sisters suffering from this gender disparity. Four years ago, when the legendary comment was made referring to women in country as “tomatoes” in a country music salad that should be mostly lettuce / men, Martina and her husband John were quick to pledge their allegiance to the fruit.

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