Martina McBride Gets Vocal With New Podcast, “Vocal Point”

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Martina McBride Vocal Point podcast kicks off with Garth brooks
Courtesy True Public Relations

Martina McBride is a woman of many talents—singer, songwriter, producer, humanitarian, chef and author. Now you can add podcaster to the long list of occupations, as the “This One’s For The Girls” singer launches her new podcast, Vocal Point. 

Martina is at the helm of the podcast, becoming the interviewer, as she sits down with A- List artists, including musicians, celebrity chefs, actors and friends, who want to share their stories.

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“I really just wanted to do a podcast that’s more of a conversation and less of an interview because you know, I’ve been in a lot of interviews over the years,” Martina tells One Country. “I want people to be inspired. I want them to feel entertained. I want them to feel like they see something different.”

For now, One Country  is putting Martina back in the interviewee seat to get some details about her new venture. She sat down with One Country to fill us in on her new podcast, what it was like interviewing  Garth Brooks and what we can look forward to from Vocal Point.

Martina McBride Vocal Point podcast

One Country: Why did you want to do a podcast?

Martina McBride: “I was approached by Believe Entertainment and by Luminary to do a podcast. They came to me and I was like, “Huh, I’ve never thought about doing a podcast.” And they had a really specific kind of plan for it. And I said, “You know, I’ll do it if it can just be talk”, a conversation because I want to be able to say, “That was interesting, let’s talk about that.” Like it’s not on my list of questions, you know, and veer left a little bit and really just get into a conversation. I said if I can do it that way let’s try it. Let’s see what happens.”

One Country: You’re calling the podcast Vocal Point, how did you come up with the name?

Martina McBride: “I really am not good at naming things. So my husband’s sister and her husband were in town from Italy actually, and he’s a photographer and she’s a writer. And so I’m like, ‘I’m going to float this past these creative people.’  It’s like, ‘What do you think I should name this thing?’ And he said, ‘Vocal Point.’ And I was like, ‘I like that because it’s catchy.’  Let’s face it, it’s a catchy title. And also it makes sense because I am really trying to get a point of view from a person, but not just an interview, but a point of view, like “Let’s talk about what you want to tell. What’s your point of view on this, that, the other thing?”

One Country: You have a sidekick on the show. Who is that?

Martina McBride: “It’s my engineer Allen, which we have figured out very quickly after the first podcast that we need to establish this, cause everyone is like, ‘Who’s that guy?’ On the second episode with Runaway June, we definitely established who Allen is. He’s actually my engineer in the studio for all the stuff I do.  All my vocals and everything.  He’s also my production manager on the road. And a good friend. So he wears a lot of hats. And he thinks I’m funny. Which is actually the biggest criteria of somebody in the room with you— somebody that you know, who gets your sense of humor.”

One Country: You kicked off your first episode with Garth Brooks, not a bad first guest. How was that?

Martina McBride: “It was great. And he brought his guitar or he asked for a guitar and he sang, I didn’t ever expect that. He’s like, ‘You have guitar around here? I want to sing a little bit.’  And I was like, ‘Oh my God, yes. Get this man a guitar.’ I remember specifically with him and I do this quite a bit, I say ‘I’ve got a lot of things on this list here, but like what do you want to talk about?’ That’s always fun because it gets people thinking, ‘well I can ask a question to you,’ and then it becomes more conversational. The thing about the Garth one, that I’m really proud of and that I strive for with each podcast, is that people that have heard it told me they felt like they were in the room or that I was in their house. And they were just listening in on a conversation.”

One Country: Who are some of the other guests we’ll hear on this season? 

Martina McBride: We’ve done Brenda Lee. That was awesome. She’s so fascinating and just so, so sweet. Loretta Lynn. I have Roseanne Cash and Jon Pardi coming up. We’ve done Dustin Lynch, Runaway June and Howie Mandel.

One Country: It won’t be just country artists on the podcast? 

Martina McBride: “No. I’m going to venture into all kinds of things, like chefs. I’m going to get Emeril.”

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One Country: Are you the one doing the prep on the artists?  How involved are you in the process?

Martina McBride: “I have a researcher. This guy named Adam Davis, who is great. He puts in a lot of time  in. Because I’m not just going to look them up on Wikipedia, right? I want more than that. So he gives me a lot of information. I look through it all and I pick what I like and then I do my own. I go and look at old interviews, read old interviews, especially for people that I haven’t met before.”

One Country: There are so many podcasts out there. How does yours stand out from other ones?

Martina McBride: “I don’t know if I’ve analyzed it, which is probably a good thing, but what I want people to get out of it is a feeling like it shed some light on the person that they know as an artist, I want to kind of get the human side of it. I want it to be inspiring. I want people to find some inspiration in there. I want it to feel personal and intimate. And I don’t know if that’s different from the other podcasts, but that’s what I’m looking for.”

One Country: Who would be a guest that you’d love to get on your show?

Martina McBride: “I want to get Don Henley. I’d love to get Bob Seger who I did that duet with all those years ago. I want to get Sarah Bareilles. Faith [Hill] has said she’d do it. I’m  just trying to find a date.”

Vocal Point will air a new episode every Friday on Luminary. 

Luminary offers all listeners a one-month free trial of Luminary Premium, with a monthly subscription of $7.99 following the first month for U.S. subscribers.