The Walmart Yodel Kid Has Released His First Single “Famous” And, Actually, Did A Pretty Good Job


If your goal is to go viral, you just might succeed. But odds are that you will never get past that 15 minutes of fame. If your goal is to become famous, going viral is just the first step. You have to stick around, get people to believe in you, and have some powerful people give you some incredible opportunities. It’s the jackpot, an almost impossible confluence of chance and timing. Mason Ramsey, aka the Walmart Yodel Kid, has hit the jackpot and already achieved his dreams of recording a single and playing the Grand Ole Opry.

Ramsey’s initial life goal was to play the Opry– a worthy goal for any country artist. No one thought he would have achieved that goal within a month thanks to the connections Ellen Degeneres has with Opry members.

On the tail of that, Ramsey has struck while the iron was hot and signed jointly with Big Loud Records and Atlantic Records to fast-track the release of his new single “Famous.” The title is appropriate enough, by the lyrics are about a romantic relationship, which I sincerely doubt Ramsey has any inkling of. Honestly, though, the kid does a bang-up job on the track.