Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Shares Adorable 2-Month Update on Baby Memphis

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Jason and Brittany Aldean’s new son, Memphis, has quickly taken over their lives (and rightfully so!). Brittany is constantly sharing updates and pictures of baby Memphis on Instagram, and now she’s celebrating his two-month birthday with the sweetest update ever.

“2 months old already??🙈 LOVES: being held, warm baths, lights, eating (a ton), fidgeting, wiggling until he’s horizontal in his crib and his sisters💙 HATES: being hungry…cold….burped…put in his car seat… swaddled and having his diaper changed (usually) 💪🏼 12lbs 12oz and 25 inches long! We love you big boy🙌🏼 You are the happiest little (big) baby and u make our lives complete😍,” she shared.