Memphis Aldean and Dog Mia Have the Exact Same Morning Routine on the Couch

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The first time a baby was ever in our home for a family holiday, I noticed that my dad was always asking the baby and his dog the same questions– are you cold? Are you hungry? Are you sleepy? I had always known that babies and dogs were a lot alike, but my father’s questions to the baby and dog only confirmed my suspicions. And now, Memphis Aldean has doubly confirmed them.

Mom Brittany Aldean recently shared a video of Memphis and dog Mia on the couch together and they were doing the exact same thing.

Memphis is on his back kicking around and waking up and Mia is doing the same thing. Then, when Memphis takes a break from kicking to just enjoy some time on his back, Mia snuggles right up next to him and does the exact thing– again.



Just look at this photo and tell me these two aren’t identical.

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Good morning☀️

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