Merle Haggard’s Marijuana Brand, Merle’s Girls, to Hit the Market Soon

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Before his death, Merle Haggard joined forces with Colorado Weed Co. to help develop a recreational marijuana strain called Merle’s Girls — and it’s about to hit the Colorado market.

“We’re starting out with what Merle liked to smoke,” Colorado Weed Co.’s Michael Smith told Westword. “The sativas kept him going, kept him creative, kept him getting out there and being able to play. He did contribute a lot of his success on the road to sativas.

Since his death, Merle’s daughter, Jenessa Haggard-Bennett, and her husband, Brian Bennett, have been working tirelessly to complete one of her father’s last business endeavors. According to Jenessa, marijuana was a huge contributor to the performances he gave throughout his seventies.

“He was out [performing] every two weeks. He was doing all that in his seventies…. He believed [marijuana] could cure a whole bunch of things,” she said.

Though they are starting out with a recreational strain, Colorado Weed Co. hopes to eventually expand into medical.

As of now, there’s not official release date for Merle’s Girls, but once it hits the Colorado market, they will shoot to get it in surrounding states like California, Washington and Oregon.

“That’s going to have a lot to do with California’s vote… Definitely [medical] will be in California, even if they don’t pass it recreationally,” Michael said.