Mickey Guyton Brings Out “American Idol” Contestant Tristan McIntosh in Nashville


When 15-year-old Tristan McIntosh auditioned for the final season of “American Idol,” she chose to sing Mickey Guyton’s hit song “Why Baby Why.” Backed by only a piano, Tristan totally knocked the song out of the park, letting her incredible voice shine– we, and the judges, were completely blown away. 

In an interview before her audition, Tristan shared that her biggest inspiration and motivator behind auditioning for the show was her mother, who unfortunately wasn’t going to be able to make it because she was in the military and had been deployed overseas. So, despite the pressure of trying to get to Hollywood, Tristan’s No. 1 goal for the day was to simply make her mother proud. 

After an amazing audition, Tristan got a ticket to Hollywood, but that wasn’t all. After months apart, Tristan’s mom surprised her in the audition room — cue the water works.

“I boo-hooed along with like 48 million other people who saw this video,” country artist Mickey Guyton said after watching the video. “So I had to meet her.”

The two talents met in Nashville and no more than 24 hours later where Mickey invited Tristan to come on stage and sing with her — needless to say, they totally killed it.

Mickey was opening a sold-out show for Eric Paslay in Nashville.  Tristan is getting ready for Hollywood Week on American Idol.

Image Source: Instagram