11 Times Mickey Guyton Was the Cutest Thing About Country Music


The stars of country music are undoubtedly some of the coolest people in the world — like, I want to be all of their best friends.

And one of the cutest, sweetest country music stars of our time has to be 33-year-old Mickey Guyton. The girl is not only incredibly talented, but she has awesome style, is super kind to her fans and seems to be an all-around fun person.

Basically, she’s prime BFF material.

11 Times Mickey Guyton Was the Cutest Person in Country Music:

1. When she totally rocked the “Single Ladies” dance.

2. When she pulled off this massive bun better than anyone else ever could.

3. When she ordered wrapping paper with her dog’s face on it.

4. When she invited “American Idol” contestant Tristan McIntosh to perform with her.

5. When she danced around in her unicorn onesie.

6. When she fan-girled over Dolly Parton just as much as any of us would.

7. When she called her mom about her ACM Awards nomination.

8. When she shared this adorable #TBT photo.

9. Anytime she posts a picture of her dog, Charlie.

10. Like this.

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11. And this.