Maybe, Finally Mickey Guyton Has New Music Coming Out?


I’m no detective, but I watch a lot of “Dateline” and I think Mickey Guyton finally has new music coming. Guyton has been relatively quiet the last few months, aside from getting married, so this has been a long time coming.

Guyton shot into all of country music’s line of vision in early 2015 with the release of her soulful, heart-wrenching ballad, “Better Than You Left Me.” She followed that up with a self-titled EP off of Capitol Nashville. Despite her superior vocal prowess and sharp songwriting skills, she seems to have kind of stalled out– until now. I think.

Guyton has shared two tweets with song lyrics in the last couple days. One can only assume they are her song lyrics.

Guyton also posted this video to Facebook, so even someone who doesn’t watch “Law & Order” could figure this one out. The only question is– when will we hear this new music? And how much new music will there be?

As Justin Bobby from “The Hills,” once said, “truth and time tell all,” and hopefully Mickey’s record label knows that.