You’ve Got to Hear Mickey Guyton’s New Song “Nice Things”


Some people just can’t have nice things.

That’s the message of
Mickey Guyton‘s new song, “Nice Things,” which she wrote Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman.

I am priceless don’t you know
But you broke me even so
Oh shiny gold and diamond rings
Your mama always said you can’t have nice things

Held me tightly as you dared
When I cried out you did not care
You stole my heart and bent my wings
Your Mama always said you can’t have nice things

Oh little boy with all your toys out in the yard
I gave you the moon but you had to have the stars
You took ’em from the sky and you left them in the dark
Till they rusted right thru

A relationship is over and the narrator isn’t taking any responsibility for being treated poorly by her ex. It’s not a poor, poor pitiful me message, rather an empowered look at a broken heart.

Nice Things