No One Was More Upset About “The Bachelorette” Finale Than Mickey Guyton (You Have to Watch Her Live Reactions)


Mickey Guyton is a newlywed with a heart of gold. This is best evidenced in the fact that unlike the rest of us, she watched “The Bachelorette” finale thinking everything was going to end up okay and that everyone was going to find love. Mickey was “absolutely wrecked” and “devastated” to find out that “Peter with his fine self” could “not have nice things.”

Mickey was also “shook.” Who wasn’t? Rachel Lindsay literally settled for a ring over love.

Mickey shared all of her thoughts and feelings (a very complex range of emotions she has) with the world on Instagram and here’s what I know– I gave up on this show a long time ago (still watch, just can’t be invested), but I’d be willing to watch every episode (with commercials) to experience it the way Mickey experiences it.

Just listen to her scream “Peter!”

Thoughts and prayers to Mickey during this difficult time.