Mickey Guyton Uses Social Media To Get Real About Unnecessary Violence


Mickey Guyton, known for her powerful vocals and 2016 single “Heartbreak Song,” has taken to social media to share a story of loss that her brother is going through.

In the climate where gun violence is a volatile topic and people are reeling from the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, where 17 people were killed and 14 more injured, Mickey is feeling the need to speak out about another senseless shooting that will not not get the attention should.

In successive tweets, Mickey told her story and reminded us all to call those people we love. You never know when life will be senselessly taken from us.

“So… I wanna get something off my heart today… so bear with me….My brother is a teacher and chose to teach in a school district of less fortunate kids,” she began the Tweets. “It is beyond challenging. Many times he is forced to give passing grades to kids that barely even show up to class or do the work. He’s had children try to fight him yet he shows up everyday.

“My brother isn’t a very emotional person. He makes it a point to annoy me at least once a day. But the other day he shoots me a text saying one of his students was murdered. She was a senior and looking forward to getting out of where she was to make something of herself. She was at home with her sister and heard a noise outside. She goes outside to see what it was and was shot in the chest and so was her sister. Her sister survived but she did not. Her life was stolen from her and no one will ever know.

“There’s no news article, no media, just her family left to pick up the pieces. I have never heard my brother be so upset. He had to teach the class this passed Monday that his student was in. He said it was the hardest day of his life so far. Then he sent me this pic.

Mickey Guyton board post

“I needed to share this because life is so precious. we get so caught up on social media, news, politics, and forget that there are real life problems going on. Instead of swiping left or right maybe we should start picking up the phone to call the ones we love.”

Give it a try.