Midland Releases A Spanish Version Of “Drinking Problem” You Have To Hear


Midland is on the rise, bringing their decidedly Texan swagger to the masses. The trio has built an image on irreverent, fun, twangy country that looks to the tradition more than pop future of other country acts. To continue that trend, they are reaching out to Central America one of the most historic country fanbases, by re-recording their hit “Drinking Problem” in Spanish featuring singer Jay de la Cueva.

Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson each speak Spanish some Spanish. Wystrach grew up near the American-Mexican border and regularly traveled across with his family to attend church service and shop at the local markets.

To write a hit song is hard enough. But to rewrite the hit so it stays in time and rhymes in a different language is a whole new ballgame. By the sound of it, they did a pretty good job.