Midland’s Mark Wystrach Recalls Scary Details of Daughter’s Birth

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Midland Mark Wystarch and wife Tyler haney reveal baby birth complications
Photo courtesy Tyler Haney Instagram

Midland’s Mark Wystrach and his wife, Tyler Haney, have been reveling in all of the warm and fuzzies that come with being first-time parents to their daughter Sundance “Sunny” Leon. We are just learning, now, of the frightening circumstances that surrounded Sunny’s birth.

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Now ten weeks old, little was said about Sunny’s arrival when Mark and Ty announced that she had made her debut. In an Instagram post, Mark wrote, “Sundance ‘Sunny’ Leon came into this world with a bang! It’s been a wild and unexpected week in the hospital, but we are doing great! So grateful for our amazing doctors and nurses who have taken the best care of us and to our friends and family for all the love, prayers and support! The power of love and positivity is a real thing! Lil Baby Sunny is strong, beautiful and an absolute joy! We’ve gotten a clean bill of health and we’re going home tomorrow.”

That “wild and unexpected week” including an emergency C-section after complications developed.

In an interview with his Big Machine record label, Mark reveals there was a fetal-to-maternal hemorrhage and that they lost the baby’s heartbeat and Ty’s vital signs deteriorated. The emotional singer adds, “It scared me when you almost lose your wife and your kid and then you don’t, and you’re surrounded by your family and your friends and your community. And it kinda rearranges your priorities and makes you throw up a bunch and kind of checks your ego back.”

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Mark went on to say that Sunny’s birth was a telling moment — “It’s weird how life ends up being a gift, because it teaches you the greatest lesson, that this life is a gift and you can’t take it for granted.”