Midland’s Performance of “Make A Little” Will Have You Two-Steppin’ In The Office


They say everything moves in cycles, what comes around goes around. If you don’t believe it, just look at Midland, the rhinestone-suited, irreverent, life of the party at the country music table. Their brand of anti-bro country has caught everyone’s attention and earned them two GRAMMY nominations for their song “Drinkin’ Problem.” They have already moved past that hit and are onto their new single “Make A Little,” which they debuted on “The Late Show” last night.

“Make A Little” is the Texas country version of “Afternoon Delight.” It’s Hank Williams meets Alan Jackson with millennial sensibilities and the feeling that this all is a hilarious joke waiting for a punchline. Shoot, when Colbert came out to meet the band all he could do was laugh.

It’s doubtful that Midland will win a GRAMMY, but stranger things have happened. Besides, GRAMMY voters seem to be looking for more authentic country as opposed to the pop knockoff the genre is often eager to be. In a world full of pop stars and trend hounds Midland stands out as a reminder of what country once was. Ain’t that funny?

You can catch Midland on tour with Kacey Musgraves and Little Big Town this summer.